Cambridge based Artist / Printmaker. I work in both 2D and 3D using a combination of traditional printmaking methods such as etching, screen-printing and lithography as well as contemporary giclée digital printing. I work with various materials which include paper, plaster, fabric and wood.



Selous dawn I Selous dawn II Selous dusk II

Varanasi Series - Viscosity Prints

Varanasi IV Varanasi II Varanasi X Varanas Varanasi XIV Varanasi XI Varanasi X


Honesty Hydrangea I Hydrangea II Hydrangea III Spray I Spray II

Plaster Prints

Cow parsley I Cow parsley II Cow parsley III Bellvine I Bellvine II Bellvine III Honesty Hydrangea


beech creaper penstemon nigella rosebay willowherb geranium

Digital Prints

Etching with Chine-collé



My main interest lies with the flawed and disdained. My work embraces imperfection and impermanence, and the wabi sabi belief that nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect is fundamental to my philosophy and aesthetics. A strong component of these concerns draws me towards both entropy and the accidental, and these aspects are important in my approach and method of working.

The Collographs, Plaster prints and Screenprints are part of the vanitas and memento mori series. This work explores the contemporary struggle with the perceived sentimentality of the beautiful and the decorative, and its particular relevance to the depiction of flowers. The initial starting point is the ugly and rejected which is represented using weeds and dying decaying plants. The intention of the work is to transform these objects into images of beauty creating a metamorphosis from which they are elevated to the status of Fine Art.

The Viscosity prints make up the Varanasi series. Varanasi, on the banks of the Ganges is considered the holiest city in India. For Hindus to die there is to achieve salvation and funeral pyres are constantly burning. The city is bustling and chaotic, busy with people working and performing their daily rituals and ablutions in the river. At dusk the city transforms, becoming still and beautiful, the surface of the Ganges changes to a silver sheen and the flaming pyres create vibrant gold reflections revealing the spiritual, ethereal quality of the old city.



Cambridge Open Studios

July 2015


Exhibition at Clare Hall College Cambridge

7th March - 30th April 2014



Solo exhibition at Cambridge Leper Chapel
6th - 8th May 2011


Commissions undertaken. Please feel free to contact me.


Phone: 01223 263661 / 07944 716564